New stand-up comedy CD from comedian
Mitch Fatel scheduled for release in July 2004.

       The release of comedian Mitch Fatel's first stand-up comedy CD, "Miniskirts and Muffins", not only quenches the thirst of long time fans, but also will entice an entire new legion of loyal followers. All this thanks to Mitch's hysterical musings on many different subjects including girls, vegetarians, and the importance of matching bra and panties. The CD includes a six panel color booklet with new pictures of everyones favorite "man-boy" as well as a revealing journal answering the age old question, “Why do you love muffins so much?”

        The 45 minute CD is slated for a July 2004 release. Look for it exclusively on Mitch's website,, or at any of his live 2004 tour dates.

        Along with the release of "Miniskirts and Muffins" fans can show their support with new Mitch Fatel posters and t-shirts featuring unique pictures and slogans that only Mitch could have thought up. All available through secure payment at Mitch's online store (, or pick them up at any of Mitch's live performances throughout the year.

Click here to listen to an audio clip directly from Mitch's first stand-up comedy CD "Miniskirts and Muffins."

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